The Clearinghouse


A Clearinghouse of Resources for People to Connect and Engage

The Commit to Connect Clearinghouse is an online platform with information of accessible, affordable and easy to use resources to fight social isolation and loneliness.

Two stakeholder groups inform the governance and maintenance of the clearinghouse of resources:

  • The Scientific Advisory Group is responsible for data analysis, strategic assessment of interventions, and best practice solutions.
  • The Clearinghouse Council supports the development of the clearinghouse focused on the dissemination of relevant interventions. Furthermore, the Council ensures the clearinghouse flourishes and continuously evolves in its ability to assess and match needs to resources that are accessible, affordable and easy to use.

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Know a great organization, technology product, program or service that is working to enhance social connection and minimize loneliness? You may be able to help others learn how they can stay connected.

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